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The following is a nearly complete list of the facts and events Lemony Snicket has professed to after having published The Bad Beginning:

  1. A friend of Lemony Snicket's, Madam diLustro held a dinner party while he was writing The Reptile Room [RR16]

  2. During the writing of The Reptile Room, Lemony Snicket was safe from Count Olaf. [RR85]

  3. Lemony Snicket wrote at least part of The Reptile Room on his friend Bella's yacht [RR152]

  4. At least part of the time while Lemony Snicket was writing The Wide Window he was in his own home which has a window overlooking a graveyard. He wishes he could go back in time to comfort the Baudelaires in the troubles during The Wide Window because he would have been better at it than the other adults. [WW70-71]

  5. The publishers of A Series of Unfortunate Events were pulling their hair out about The Wide Window because they feared people might emulate the Baudelaires' desperate acts for survival as recreational stunts. [WW125]

  6. Not long before writing The Miserable Mill, Lemony Snicket had a sword fight with a TV repair man. [MM168]

  7. For part of writing of The Ersatz Elevator Lemony Snicket was in a typewriter factory after arguing with a med student about borrowing the med student's boat to escape being chained inside a small, waterproof room. [EE67]

  8. Lemony Snicket wrote sixth chapter of The Ersatz Elevator while handcuffed and behind double-locked doors. [EE91]

  9. Lemony Snicket begins typing The Vile Village in the Village of Fowl Devotees. [VV2]

  10. “...the morning was so pretty and peaceful that as I describe it I can almost forget that it was a very, very sad morning for me, a morning I wish I could strike forever from the Snicket Calender. But I can't erase this day, any more than I can write a happy ending to this book, for the simple reason that the story does not go that way.” [VV136] (the day Jacques was found dead)

  11. Jacques was murdered by Count Olaf while being held in the Village of Fowl Devotees jail after being mistaken for Count Olaf. [VV151-52]

  12. Violet Baudelaire says that the name “Jacques Snicket” sounds familiar, and Duncan Quagmire replies “I'm not surprised...Jacques is the brother of a man who-” [VV222]

  13. While typing The Horrible Hospital, Lemony Snicket was hiding behind an alter at the Cathedral of the Alleged Virgin. Worshipers sat in pews and a friend played a sonata on the organ which reminded Lemony Snicket of a song his father sang while washing dishes. [HH37]

  14. “When my workday is over, and I have closed my notebook, hidden my pen, and sawed holes in my rented canoe so it cannot be found, I often like to spend the evening in conversation with my few remaining friends.” Lemony Snicket and his friend tend to discuss literature, the people who are after them, how to elude their enemies, or beasts that may attack them. [CC1]

  15. Lemony Snicket went to Briny Beach in the mornings, at least while writing The Carnivorous Carnival, to look for materials pertaining to the Baudelaire case. He could feel peaceful while doing this, but, when he went for tea afterward, the sugar bowl always made him sob loudly about Beatrice. [CC114]

  16. At one point while writing The Carnivorous Carnival, Lemony Snicket headed into terrible circumstances hoping to make them less terrible. [CC118]

  17. The Carnivorous Carnival contains a note from Lemony Snicket to his sister, “My dear sister, if you are reading this, I am still alive and heading North to try and find you.” [CC124]

  18. Lemony Snicket composed several titles for a hypothetical autobiography, or biography, which may reveal something of how he viewed himself. He uses the phrase “A Coward and a Gentleman”, as well “The Man Behind the Truth”, “a Man who Has Never Burned Anything Down, Despite What You May Have Heard”, and “A Good Man in Bad Trouble”(auto p.59-60)

  19. The Slippery Slope contains another letter from Lemony to his sister. Since he specifically makes reference to her finding the note in the book on the shelf of a library, and the book was published in 2003, as of that time Kit Snicket was still alive and Lemony was coordinating with her through his books which he thought would be safe because he warned readers against reading them and that most would have given up before getting that far due to their unfortunate contents. [SS100-102]

  20. The letter to Kit states that Lemony has found evidence that would prove Count Olaf was guilty of starting the fires Lemony had been accused of (and sought by police for). Kit had suggested once that a tea set would be a good hiding place for something, and he says she was right, hinting that he may have concealed this evidence in a sugar bowl, perhaps the sugar bowl, particularly since the letter contained his intent to secure the evidence at the Vally of Four Drafts where the sugar bowl would be thrown out a window to keep it from falling into enemy hands. He also says he will then go to the Hotel Denouement. [SS101-102]

  21. Lemony Snicket has not able to find the remnants of the caravan that fell off the Mortmain Mountains just after Klaus and Violet got out of it, nor does he knew what happened to the two women with powdered white faces who quit Olaf's gang. He spent some time looking for the caravan, battling the snow gnats of the region and used a flashlight. He also searched for the ladies in the city where it was rumored they sang in dismal musicals, the hinterlands where it was rumored they grew and sold rhubarb, and took plenty of bones found in caves in the mountains to a skeleton expert until she asked to stop because he was making her miserable. He also failed to locate the refrigerator that held the coded message the Klaus discovered and held a pickle that he had intended to put in an important coded sandwich [SS21, 333-334]

  22. Lemony Snicket and Jacques Snicket both found themselves in the Mortmain Mountains at separate times asking the question, “What in the world is that ominous-looking cloud of tiny, white buzzing objects coming towards us?” The woman Lemony was traveling with answered by donning a motorcycle helmet and a red silk cape to protect herself from the snow gnats. Jacques had nightmares for weeks about his experience. [SS 36-37]

  23. The Submarine Queequeg had been communicating with over 25 agents of the V.F.D. before the arrival of the Baudelaires. It is possible one of these members could have been Lemony Snicket although he does not mention it. [GG73]

  24. “Later this afternoon, for instance, I will enter a room full of sand, and if I do not find the test tube I am looking for, it will be difficult to admit that I have sifted through all that sand for nothing.” [GG56]

  25. While writing The Grim Grotto, Lemony Snicket spent part of his time picking through a salad looking for the a croûton that could save Kit Snicket's life. [GG225-26]

  26. Kit Snicket had Turkish coffee with Thursday Caliban, another member of the V.F.D., the day before she met the Baudelaire children. [TE174]

  27. It is heavily implied that the man who drove the Taxi who dropped off Jerome Squalor and Justice Strauss at the Hotel Denouemont during The Penultimate Peril was in fact Lemony Snicket himself. The taxi driver offers the Baudelaire children a free ride, mentions “a great American writer”, and asks them if they are who he thinks they are. The children could not see his face because of the darkness, just that he was “a tall, skinny figure” smoking a cigarette. Lemony Snicket admits to knowing who the man was, though he does not say. He does say he also knows where the man went next, who was in the trunk of the taxi, the contents of the sandwich in the glove compartment, which musical instrument was in the backseat, and what damp object was on the passenger seat. He does not however know if the Baudelaire orphans should have gone with the man or not, just that if they had, their woeful story would have been longer. Lemony Snicket mentions in The Slipery Slope that he has communicated with coded sandwiches and in more than one place is revealed to play the accordion, those facts, in combination with the fact that he knows the details of the man in the taxi so well, as well as the time he devotes to the fact that no one knows whether or not the Baudelaire children would have been better off or happier with the man in the taxi suggest that it could well be Lemony Snicket who drives away in the taxi looking back in the rear view mirror at the Baudelaires. [PP244-246,250-251]

  28. The biographical information at the end of The Penultimate Peril reveals that Lemony Snicket only took occasional breaks from his research for food and “court-appointed sword fights”. “His hobbies include nervous apprehension, increasing dread, and wondering if his enemies were right after all.” [PPbiodata]

  29. “When I was shipwrecked recently, for instance, I had the fortune to wash aboard a barge where I enjoyed a later super of roast leg of lamb with creamed polenta and a fricassee of baby artichokes, followed by some aged Gouda served with roasted figs, and finished up with some fresh strawberries dipped in milk chocolate and honeycomb.” This was after he was “tossed like a rag doll in the turbulent waters of a particularly stormy creek.” [TE87]

  30. Lemony Snicket's sister, Kit, washed up on the same coastal shelf that the Baudelaire's did, in The End, arriving on a raft made out of books [TE111]

  31. Count Olaf kissed Kit on the mouth after taking her from the raft and placing her on the beach. He said he told her he'd do that once more. Kit refuses to forgive him for his misdeeds and Count Olaf says he has not apologized. [TE316]

  32. Count Olaf dies from a harpoon injury he sustained after Ishmael shot him and broke the diving helmet Olaf was using to fake a pregnancy. The broken helmet exposed everyone on the island to Medusoid Mycelium. [TE318]

  33. Kit Snicket died from the Medusoid Mycelium after giving birth to a baby girl. [TE320]

  34. Lemony Snicket says that his life, after concluding his investigation, involved visiting certain graves, and spending mornings on a brae looking out at the sea. “It is not the whole story, of course, but it is enough.” [TE324]

  35. The biographical information on the back cover flap of Horseradish says that, at least as of 2007, Lemony Snicket was “A life long resident, he now divides his time, and is currently at work.”