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Indulging in Literary Critism...


...a phrase that here means "I am going to praise Lemony Snicket for his writing"

Lemony Snicket's work acknowledges the feelings of helplessness children can feel in a world controlled by adults, as well as the facts that bad things happen to good people and that life is hardly ever fair. At the same time, however, the efforts of the Baudelaire orphans demonstrate that children can influence their own futures. The spirit of self-determination is one of the values instilled by Snicket's writing, along with a love of books and learning, careful evaluation of sources, family, compassion, teamwork, individuality, and perseverance. While nothing can restore their lost parents or home, the Baudelaire's emerge in the end triumphant having survived all attempts on their lives and taking responsibility for themselves, embracing an unexpected new family member, and continuing on into the Great Unknown for more of life's fortunate, and unfortunate events. Lemony Snicket gives children a story that does not depict life as a simple narrative with a linear storyline, neatly presented facts, or tied off loose ends. Rather, Snicket gives them a story as messy as life itself but with many wondrous, surprising, exciting, unlikely, and of course, unfortunate things woven together in an intriguing manner. From the dedication in the first book to the biographical text at the very end of the last book, A Series of Unfortunate Events and its companion materials include the author and his own unfortunate events to give children a reason to look at the lives of authors as well as their books.