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Another Look at Snicket's Early Life

I have already posted my raw data on the events of Mr. Snicket's life, however now I would like to examine those facts and present them in a less listish sort of way.

Birth: An exact date of birth, or even a general one is somewhat tricky. He writes to Beatrice I in the Year of the Snake, after they have met (thus after he was eleven). Assuming this Year of the Snake is a chinese year, it is most likely 1977. This puts Lemony Snicket's date of birth between 1960 and 1967. Daniel Handler, who seems to be around the same age as Snicket ,was born in 1970. In 1977 Snicket must have been at least eleven, but he may have been older. Personally, for no particular reason, I tend to think of him as 13 in 1977. (BL LS to BB#2)

When Lemony Snicket talks about his birth, he does NOT mention the births of his two siblings. The family tree would APPEAR to have Kit and Jacques as twins, both being older than Lemony  The picture of Snicket (or someone about the same age as he was when taken) looks to be about 5. The picture of a child crawling would appear to be younger (Snicket denies he was crawling though). The fact that Dewey and Kit both remember the Schism taking place when they were 4 is interesting, meaning that Kit must have been aware of the VFD when she was 4.. Since she (and Jacques) were taken at the same time as Lemony, they may all be close in age. It is worth noting however that the branch of the family tree that would seem to be the three siblings has them coming from "E" when their father was known as Jacob (though perhaps this was not his given name?).  In short, its even harder to figure out how he relates to his siblings than it is to figure out when he might have been born (auto 11, 16, 21, 197; PP27,179).

Taking: as mentioned above, it is hard to say exactly how old any of the Snickets were when they were taken by the V.F.D. but it seems likely that all children were between the ages of about 6 and 2, with it being PLAUSIBLE that Kit and Jacques were 3-4 and Lemony Snicket was 2-3, though if the family tree is NOT showing these three siblings than it can only be said that Kit was likely 3-4 and Lemony was probably  2-5. In any event, they were apparently rather young. Given how young they were, it would seem they were not tattooed until sometime after they were taken given that it would be rather traumatic for a very young child to be taken away from home and then tattooed and none of the V.F.D. ever seem to have trauma associated with the getting of their tattoos, also, if Snicket was 2-3 when he was taken AND tattooed, he also met R. at this age, and can remember it  (though it might have been traumatic enough?) (auto 28)

between the age of 2-5 and 11, not much is known about Snicket, but, if he was like the rest of the taken, he spent this time being sent all over the world on various errands he did not understand (auto 39)

Beatrice I: He met Beatrice when he was 11, he noticed her outside a classroom, both being early and went up to remark on how it was the trait of a noble person to arrive early. She was not the only one to have down so, as she was with a group of friends. Singling her out in this fashion either embarrassed her or lead Lemony to believe she had been embarrassed. He then invited her out for root beer floats in a note. (BL LS to BB#2,5)